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Amsterdam the Sightseeing Capital of the Netherlands.

Visit Amsterdam and make a Tour at one of the cities many Attractions, Museums, Canal tours, Boat tours, Bike tours, coffeeshops, cannabis shops, sex workers, smart shops, mushroom shops, art galleries, strip clubs, hotels, motels.

Visit and Tour the famous area's like Amsterdam Centre, Amsterdam South, Amsterdam WTC, Amsterdam De Pijp, Amsterdam North or the infamous prostitute and sex-worker area The Red Light District.

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amsterdamtour_eu picture bike tour sightseeing Rijks Museum Exclusive: The Dutch National Museum Info and Tours presents the Dutch National Museum Tour: "Rijk" means Empire in Dutch, Rijksmuseum means the museum of the Dutch Empire. In fact the Rijksmuseu Rijksmuseum is the largest museum in the Netherlands and lists one of the most grand and impressive collection of world-famous paintings by Dutch masters: Vincent Van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, Frans Hals, and Rembrandt van Rijn. The national museum of the Netherlands also known as Rijksmuseum tells the story of 888 years of Dutch art and Dutch history.The Rijksmuseum's Art collection contains more than one million pieces and has about 8,000 objects including paintings, sculptures, and historical artifacts on display. Museum Exclusive Tour Our Museum Exclusive Tour will guide you and show the the master pieces of the world, including: Rembrandt’s (1642), Vermeer’s (1647), and one of Van Gogh’s untitled self-portraits (1887).

How the Dutch National Museum Started 

On November 19, 1798, the Dutch (Holland) government decided to set up a National museum following the French example. A 'prestige project' to stimulate the love for the country but also to preserve important objects. On May 31, 1800, this National Art Gallery opened its doors for the first time in Huis Ten Bosch in The Hague. With over 200 paintings and historical objects, partly from the stadholder's collections and partly from (defunct) national institutions, such as the VOC. The first purchase, De Zwaan by Jan Asselijn, cost 100 guilders and is still one of the highlights of the Rijksmuseum.

The Rijksmuseum started as The Dutch Royal Museum

In 1808 Lodewijk Napoleon was at the helm of the Kingdom of Holland. He moved the collections to Amsterdam, the new capital. And not to just any building, but to the Paleis op de Dam, the former Amsterdam city hall. There they were brought together with the most important paintings of the city, including Rembrandt's Night Watch. In 1809 the Royal Museum opened on the top floor of the palace.

The Dutch Crown and the National Museum

With William I as the new king from 1813, the museum moved as 'Rijks Museum', together with the national print collection from The Hague, to ] Trippenhuis. To the director's dismay, all kinds of other collections were subsequently relocated. Objects from classical antiquity went to a new Museum of Antiquities in Leiden and objects and crafts were assigned to the Cabinet of Rarities, which had meanwhile been established in The Hague. In 1838 a separate museum for modern, 19th-century art was open in Haarlem. 

The Renovation: A New Building for the National Museum of Netherlands

Beautiful museums were built all over Europe. The Netherlands also deserved a truly national, proud museum building. Trippenhuis was not suitable, so something new could be built. The architect, Pierre Cuypers, had made a design for the Rijksmuseum in historical style, a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance and full of Dutch symbolism. After years of hassle - many thought it was too medieval, too Catholic and too little real Dutch - construction started in 1876. In 1885 it was officially opened. In addition to the existing collection, almost all of the older paintings of the City of Amsterdam were placed in the Rijksmuseum, such as Rembrandt's Jewish bride, which the banker A. van der Hoop had bequeathed to the city. Art also came from Haarlem, part of the Cabinet of Rarities was given a permanent place and the print room had its own space.

Visit one of the best museums of Amsterdam

The Rijksmuseum takes you all the way from the Middle Ages to Mondrian. As well as featuring beautiful art work, some of the top attractions in the museum also include their collection of doll’s houses, model ships and armoury. And the Cuypers Library is the largest and oldest art historical library in the Netherlands. Visitors, students and art historians alike are welcome to use the library to delve deeper into the Rijksmuseum collection.The current building of the Rijksmuseum, designed by Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers, first opened its doors in 1885 and has been a national heritage site since 1970. The most recent renovation project has made sure the museum continues to function as a connection between the past and the present as it combines the old with the modern. The atrium features a high glass ceiling and spacious, contemporary architecture that blends uniquely with the traditional red-brick walls.

Renovating the Rijksmuseum over the Years

Over the years, the Rijksmuseum building has undergone a lot of work. For example, between 1904 and 1916, halls were built on the south-west side, the current Philips Wing. In the 1950s and 1960s, the original two courtyards were built over to create more hall space. After 1945, Dutch History and Sculpture & Applied Arts were housed in separate parts of the building. Attempts to set up a separate museum for Dutch history and thus turn the Rijksmuseum into a real art museum failed. In the 1950s, an Asian Art department was created as a result of the housing of the collection of the Association of Friends of Asian Art.

The Last Renovation of the Dutch National Museum

During the last renovation (2003-2013), the building regained Cuypers' original structure. The building has been modernized, but at the same time has become more like Cuypers' building on the inside, in all its grandeur. Painting, crafts and history can no longer be seen in separate parts of the building. All together form one chronological story: the story about Dutch art and history, from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Immediately in 2013, the museum attracted a hitherto unprecedented number of visitors, more than two million, and that has remained so until the corona time, partly thanks to the many tourists. Because more than ever we strive to be the museum of and for everyone.

The Dutch National Museum (Rijksmuseum) Bookings and Ticket Reservation with

One of the Netherlands best attraction, ticket reservation and bookings in advantage. The Dutch National Museum (Rijksmuseum) Bookings and Ticket Reservation with AmsterdamTour.euGet your Rijksmuseum tickets online and make sure you don’t miss it on your visit to Amsterdam! A visit to the impressive Rijksmuseum is a golden memory: See and discover history’s most famous and influential masterpieces. If you wanted to you could spend all day and evening at the Rijksmuseum, so the best time to start your visit might be in the morning. The building is located in the South of the Center of Amsterdam City, at the famous square of Museums, in Dutch: Museumplein.The Square of Museums is the most famous museum square of the Netherlands, you will find: "Stedelijk Museum" and the "Van Gogh Museum", as well as the "Royal Dutch Concert Hall".

Guided Bike Sightseeing Tours Amsterdam offers the best Amsterdam Sightseeing Tours by Guided Bike. We offer five amazing Guided Tours on the Bike. The Unique way to discover all the cities attractions and highlights. offers a professional Tour Guide. In-depth History on Amsterdam City and her Buildings. Special Prices and Tickets, book here online.

Bike Tour: Dutch Royal Buildings

Dutch Royal Buildings Sightseeing Bike Tour.

Bike Tour: Dutch Museums

Dutch Museums Sightseeing Bike Tour.

Bike Tour: Iconic Places

Iconic Places Sightseeing Bike Tour. Your Iconic Places Sightseeing Tour starts at Amstedam Central and from there we go to the Royal Palace Amsterdam, you can hop-off and take photos and pictures of the Royal Dutch Palace on the Dam. We continue to Nemo Science Museum and than a stop at the Scheepvaarts Museum Amsterdam, Het Scheepvaart or in English The Amsterdam Maritime Museum, after a short stop your driver will take you to "De Oude Kerk" or in English "The Old Church, now serves as a Cultural Center in Amsterdam City's oldest Building. After a photo stop we will continue to the "Our Lord in the Attic Museum", a 17th-century house build by the VOC trading company, next in line is "Basiliek van de Heilige Nicolaas" in English "Basilica of Saint Nicholas". Other Iconic Places in Amsterdam that we will visit in this Sightseeing Tour: Batavia Building, Weeping Tower, Arm Bridge, Sexmuseum Amsterdam, Cannabismuseum Amsterdam.

Canal Cruises, Amsterdam Sightseeing Tours by Boat, Shipper Cruises.

Boat Tour, Canal Cruise on Amsterdam's Water Canal system, in Dutch known as "Grachten"

Canal Cruises, Boat Cruise Sightseeing Tour. Your Canal Cruise Sightseeing Boat Tour starts at Amstedam Central, Hop-on one of our Electric Boats in the Amsterdamse Gracht.Amsterdam Canal Cruises by Boat:
Cruising down the canals of Amsterdam during this 60-minute boat tour. Hop aboard the classic wooden saloon boat and sit back and enjoy the beautiful city pass you by. See landmarks while nibbling on Dutch cheese and having a drink. Take a 75-minute canal tour of Amsterdam in an old wooden captains boat Admire the beautiful city and its landmarks as you cruise along Enjoy Dutch Gouda cheese and unlimited drinks.Amsterdam Museums, Walking, Sightseeing Tours, Ticket Reservation and Booking, Single Person, GroupsThe History of Amsterdam filled the city with fine arts, musea, shows and culture, to be seen in the many musea or art-galleries in the city of amsterdam, discover the best and most amazing museums and Art-galleries in Amsterdam city, reservation and bookings the cheapest tickets and tours online with AmsterdamTour.euAmsterdam Museums, Walking, Sightseeing Tours, Ticket Reservation and Booking, Single Person, Groups

Walking Amsterdam Sightseeing Tours by Walking.

Amsterdam Sightseeing Tours Walking, Single and Group

Walking Group Sightseeing Tour. Your Group Sightseeing Tour starts at Amstedam Central, meeting one of our Tour guides.

A great way to see how powerfull the VOC Company was in the 17th Century. See how people lived in the 17th century traditional Dutch Canal Houses, take a boat tour on trough the Amsterdamse grachten and visit the World War II monument on Dam Square.Take a picture or video of yourself in Traditional Dutch clothes.
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