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Hello and welcome to is the Netherlands' sightseeing capital.Visit Amsterdam and take a tour of its various attractions, museums, canal tours, boat tours, bike tours, coffee shops, cannabis shops, sex workers, smart shops, mushroom shops, art galleries, strip clubs, hotels, and motels.Visit and tour notable areas such as Amsterdam Centre, Amsterdam South, Amsterdam WTC, Amsterdam De Pijp, and Amsterdam North, as well as the infamous prostitute and sex-worker district The Red Light District. is the finest choice for Sightseeing Trips, Day Trips, Canal Cruises, Rent a Boat, Rent a Bike, Rent a Scooter, and Hotel Bookings & Reservations. provides the greatest prices, reservations, and cheapest bookings, as well as live updates with the most significant reductions.

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Discover the finest of Amsterdam with the delightful Amsterdam Walking Tour, see the best of Amsterdam! The most intriguing parts of Amsterdam, both well-known and often neglected, will be exposed to you during this fascinating walking tour of the city. A skilled tour guide will follow you for the entirety of the two-and-a-half-hour trip and will give you with intriguing details as you go.

Find the best things to do in Amsterdam.The Amsterdam Walking Tour will show you the city's most important sights and activities to do, whether you're just passing through or staying for a few days. The tour guide will take you to the major attractions while informing you about the destinations along the way (in both English and Spanish) (in both English and Spanish). You'll learn about the history of the city's canal section and enjoy a tour of the Red Light District. Visit well-known Amsterdam attractions.The tour also includes a sample of the following traditional Dutch delicacies: pickled herring and Heineken beer. Among the attractions are the historical Dam Square, the famous Red Light District, and the Open Museum. Flemish fries and cheese, two well-known traditional Dutch specialities, will also be available for your enjoyment. Taking one of the Walking Tours of AmsterdamTour is the best way to spend your time in Amsterdam.The Amsterdam Walking Tour is one of the most comprehensive and enjoyable trips available in the city!Make a reservation for a specific date!Tours & Tickets provides access to the best excursions and walking tours in the Netherlands and Belgium. The Amsterdam Walking Tour may be booked online quickly and easily. Choose the best date for you and purchase your tickets. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to gain a new perspective on Amsterdam. With Amsterdam Tours, the lowest prices are assured! Museum, cycling, walking tour, boat, city sightseeing excursions, day outings, and attractions tickets! Reservations and direct bookings!Looking for an unforgettable tour? You can visit 17th-century Amsterdam, view canal houses from that era, take a boat tour on the Amsterdamse grachten, take a bike tour of Dam Square, dress in traditional Dutch garb in Zaandam, or learn about World War II at one of Amsterdam's museums with the help of AmsterdamTour. To view the distance, get real-time updates, and book your trip, go to the City and Sightseeing Tours tab in the Amsterdam Tour Application.Get discounts, VIP passes, skip the line, use CityTours and Sightseeingtours, and much more. Get the best, cheapest, and most recent discounts, as well as much more! Visit AmsterdamTour for the best deals, the best pricing, VIP passes, secret locations, banquets, and more!

Red Light District Walking Tour

If you're interested in Amsterdam's oldest and most contentious neighborhood but need some help navigating it, this two-hour walking tour is for you. Discover the history, tales, and iconic sights of the Red Light District in comfort and safety with an experienced guide. Discover the secrets of the oldest profession. During this popular evening tour, a cheerful and informative guide will walk you through the red-lit windows, revealing the district's unexpected midnight activity. The tour will take you to the Old Church, Warmoesstraat, the Prostitution Information Center, and other locations. Discover the neighbourhood's truths and fictions that have startled and enthralled the world. Each day at 19:00, the tour departs at Dam Square, near to the National Monument, in English or Spanish.

Walking Tour de Bazel - Culture & Culinary' package

The following items are included in the package: Royal welcome with coffee and Wilhelmina pie at Café De Bazel. A certified guide will gladly lead you through the magnificent structure, which includes highlights such as the Treasure Room and the stunning Art Nouveau frescoes. Following the excursion, Afternoon Tea will be given.

Amsterdam Alternative Walking Tour

Take a guided tour of Amsterdam's alternative scene to learn about what makes this city special. From subcultures to drug legislation, coffee shops to street art, this intriguing walking tour will take you through the real Amsterdam. Explore Amsterdam's underground culture. Amsterdam is a unique city recognized for its distinctive structures, monuments, and bicycles. As you'll discover on this two-hour guided tour, the city is also well recognized for its liberal laws, coffee shops, alternative living arrangements, and being the first in the world to recognize marriage equality. Explore the alternative scene that has made Amsterdam a must-see destination for travellers interested in subcultures. Explore aspects of Amsterdam society such as the post-WWII housing crisis, which resulted in the phenomena of living in boats or squats, and the counterculture movements that evolved into today's unrivaled cityscape of distinctive coffee shops and street art. This is an opportunity to see a real side of Amsterdam that is not generally included in traditional city tours. The tour is accessible in English or Spanish and departs from Dam Square every day at 15:00. Look for the guides with the red umbrellas!

Nes Walking Audio tour

Despite its small size, the Nes is a well-known address in Amsterdam. The majority of visitors, however, come here only in the evening, when the many theaters and restaurants open their doors. But it is precisely because of this that there is so much to uncover in daylight. This audio tour will teach you about monasteries, theaters, and tobacco, as well as the ongoing change of one of Amsterdam's oldest streets. Come explore the Nes!A narrow bluff along the Amstel.This audio tour presents an insightful picture of the historical and current changes along the Nes and enables guests to become acquainted with the debates and quandaries that surround urban concerns. Corona-proof and completely free!De Nes amusement centerOriginally, the Nes was a narrow spit of land along the Amstel. In contrast to the considerably more famous Kalverstraat - the Nes on the Nieuwe Zijde's equivalent - this neighborhood has retained its hidden character for a long time. Early in the nineteenth century, an entertainment hub with café chantants, variety shows, and artists' cafés formed here, and The Empire, Amsterdam's first homosexual café, opened its doors in the Nes in 1911. Later on, the tobacco trade brought a lot of activity and the building of larger buildings. Since the 1960s, an increasing number of theater companies have relocated into these abandoned factory buildings, bringing to the street a cultural theater offering with lots of room for experimentation and invention.A city's hidden gemToday, the Nes remains a secret section of the city with a high density of cultural events. The numerous lobbies, foyers, and hallways, as well as the restaurants and shops, add to the restricted space. Large and little buildings, as well as prominent and obscure architecture, alternate. In addition to the ground floor programming, the cohesive design of the public area maintains the street's character.Historical relicsThe audio tour is guided by historical relics. Visitors and inhabitants are led from Grimburgwal to Dam Square, past ten eye-catching structures. You explore the area on your own, aided by a computerized map and current and historical images of each building. For around 3-4 minutes at each stop, you can listen to an explanation of the architecture, as well as the origins of the organizations and companies. The narrator is a local architect and architectural guide who offers his knowledge in an approachable yet thorough manner. He or she can tell a story about any endeavor.The tour is provided by BIZNes and is free of charge. All you need are earbuds for your smartphone. Grimburgwal 1 is the starting point.

Damsquare Walking Audio tour

Welcome to the Dam Square audio tour! You're probably familiar with this location. But is it obvious why Dam Square looks the way it does? We take for granted the large plaza with its granite pavement that spans from the National Monument to the Royal Palace, although it is one of Europe's most variable city squares. During this trip, you will learn about the square's history, as well as its buildings over the ages, the architects involved, and the current issues. With architour, you may explore Dam Square!The most well-known square in the Netherlands.This audio tour from architour presents an insightful picture of Dam Square's historical and current developments.Dam Square is possibly the most well-known square in the Netherlands. For generations, inhabitants and visitors have been drawn to this vast open space in the heart of the city. Over time, the most diverse bodies have gathered around Dam Square. These were primarily the trading establishments around City Hall, the Nieuwe Kerk, and the stock market at first. Around 1900, rich societies and hotels appeared, followed by banks and insurance corporations. A large reconstruction occurred at the close of the twentieth century, but the square was consumed on a daily basis by mass tourism. The significance of this public space's design and use is being reviewed.15 eye-catching structures are highlightedThe audio tour takes visitors and residents around Dam Square, past 15 notable structures. You explore the area on your own, aided by a digital map and some current and historical images of each building. For roughly 5 minutes at each stop, you can listen to an explanation on the architecture, as well as the origins of the institutions and companies. The narrator is a local architect and architectural guide who offers his knowledge in an approachable yet thorough manner. He understands how to convey a tale about any endeavor.

Anne Frank's Walking Diary Tour

Anne Frank Huis, The Attic of Anne.Join a 2.5-hour walking tour around Anne Frank's and her family's neighborhood. Visit areas that were significant in her life. You will hear anecdotes from World War II in Amsterdam, as well as the Jewish razzias. Margot, Anne's sister, also kept a diary, but what happened to hers? What happened to the residents of the Annex (Het Achterhuis) following the betrayal? And find out about Anne's final days in the concentration camp. A local guide who grew up in the River Quarter leads the trips (Rivierenbuurt).

Walk Tour - Across the Westerlands

Bickerseiland, Prinseneiland, and Realeneiland guided tour This group of islands has a long history of trade, shipping, and industry dating back to the 17th century. During the tour, you may see the district's colossal warehouses, attractive buildings, nostalgic bridges, and modern architecture that is flourishing. Next, take a stroll through this unique neighborhood.You'll also find surprises in the hands of the tour guides, such as the public gardens, the birthplace of renowned photographer Jacob Olie, Georg Breitner's former studio, and Ans Markus's current one. You'll also see breathtaking views of the ocean and hear fascinating stories about the people and places.Except for Mondays, this tour departs at 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. for parties of no more than ten people. GVB ticket office opposite Central Station is the departure point. Please arrive 15 minutes before departure time.

Amsterdam Student Walking Tour

We developed our intriguing, diverse, and popular Amsterdam Student Tour in conjunction with many school classes and student groups. During this tour, we integrate history and current events with topics of interest to young people. The excursion is discounted from our standard excursion costs. If you want, you can add a conventional canal tour at a discounted rate. The magnificent "city"outdoorsOur school class trips provide pupils with a comprehensive introduction to Amsterdam! The walking tour lasts around 1.5 hours. Parts of the old medieval center of the city will be included, as well as a visit to the civil gard museum of the Amsterdam Museum and the famed 'Begijnhof,' and (if desired) a quick excursion to the'red light district.'Of course, you'll hear about typical Amsterdam phenomena like houseboats and the numerous tiny boats in the canals, hundreds of thousands of bikes ;-), historical houses, sinking houses, water management, drug legislation, Amsterdam's founding history, and so on.Did you know, for example, that:Amsterdam was established on swampy land; - New York was once known as New Amsterdam; - Amsterdam was the site of the world's first stock exchange; and - Amsterdam is a melting pot, with more than 180 different ethnicities coexisting.At the end of the tour, we will gladly provide you recommendations for wonderful restaurants, shopping, and entertainment.

Scheepvaarthuis Sunday arrangement, guided Walking tour

We provide a guided tour of the Shipping House every Sunday afternoon (Scheepvaarthuis). The typical Sunday program tour is in Dutch, however on certain dates, an English-guided Sunday program will be organized. The agenda will include the dates for the English Sunday program. It is also possible to make a group booking (with a minimum of 5 people).Next: Amrâth, from Scheepvaarthuis to a five-star luxurious hotel!Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam opened its doors in 2007 to visitors who would temporarily stay at "Het Scheepvaarthuis," where the public first became acquainted with the new headquarters of the NV "Het Scheepvaarthuis" in 1916 and where they booked a voyage by sea.The eye-catching structure, designated a national monument in 1974, is a prime example of the expressionist "Amsterdam School" architectural style. Well-known architects, sculptors, and stained glass artists depict the history of our seafaring in a linked symbolism down to the tiniest detail, in the most expensive materials.The Scheepvaarthuis is thus a "Gesamtkunstwerk," in which the rich shipping history of Amsterdam is depicted as an architectural parlante (picture story). The exterior is reminiscent of a ship docked at the corner of Prins Hendrikkade and Binnenkant.The Grand Hotel Amrâth Amsterdam not only allows hotel guests to enjoy the interior, but it also allows people interested in art and culture to do so on guided tours. Museum Het Schip is in charge of organizing and carrying out the guided tours.Every Sunday, the trip is planned as a package deal that includes a 1.5-hour tour of the building as well as a great sandwich lunch with soup. This does not include beverages. Lunch will begin at 1:00 PM.Enjoy a sumptuous package while staying at the lovely Scheepvaarthuis/Grand Hotel Amrâth. The tour begins at 11:30 a.m. at the Grand Hotel Amrâth, Prins Hendrikkade 108, 1011 AK Amsterdam.This tour is in Dutch, however some explanations in English are available. We can provide group tours in English for groups of 5 or more people; just contact us in advance!

Walking Tours for Tips and Free Walking Tours

Begin your vacation to our capital with a 360-degree tour of Amsterdam. A local tour will show you the city's highlights and hidden gems.Several walking tours are available.You'll learn a lot about Amsterdam's rich history with unique themes like Anne Frank, Rembrandt, the old city center, and the ramparts! A tour lasts about two hours and can be arranged using the links below.Walking Tour of Anne Frank's HouseTime to begin:Every day at 11:00 and 14:00 in EnglishEvery day at 16:00 in SpanishThe meeting place is in front of the Jewish Museum. The guides can be identified by their orange umbrellas.Languages spoken: English and SpanishThe cost is €23,50.360 Amsterdam ReservationsTour of the Red Light DistrictStarting time: Every day at 20:00Op de Dam, in front of the Royal Palace, is the meeting location. The guides can be identified by their orange umbrellas.English, French, and Spanish are the available languages.The cost is €17,50.360 Amsterdam ReservationsWalking Tour for FreeStarting times: 11:00 and 13:00 dailyOp de Dam, in front of the Royal Palace, is the meeting location. The guides can be identified by their orange umbrellas.Languages spoken: English and SpanishTip-based pricing360 Amsterdam Reservations

Amsterdam Bike Tours - Bookings and Reservations, Options, Services. provides the best Amsterdam Guided Bike Tours. We offer five fantastic guided bike tours. The one-of-a-kind approach to discover all of the city's sights and features. provides a qualified Tour Guide. A detailed history of Amsterdam and its buildings. Book your tickets and special prices online.

The Royal Dutch Sightseeing Tour Buildings - Bike Tours

Bike Tour of the Dutch Royal BuildingsBicycle Tour of Royal Dutch Crown. The sightseeing tour starts in Amstedam Central and travels to the Royal Palace Amsterdam, where you may disembark and snap pictures of the Royal Dutch Palace on the Dam Square. Then your driver will take you to "De Oude Kerk," or in English, "The Old Church," which is now a cultural center and is housed in Amsterdam City's oldest structure. We then proceed to the Nemo Science Museum and the Scheepvaarts Museum Amsterdam, also known as Het Scheepvaart or The Amsterdam Maritime Museum. After a brief picture break, we will visit the "Our Lord in the Attic Museum," a 17th-century home constructed by the VOC trade company, and then the "Basiliek van de Heilige Nicolaas," or "Basilica of Saint Nicholas." On this sightseeing trip, we'll also visit the Batavia Building, the Weeping Tower, the Arm Bridge, the Sexmuseum Amsterdam, and the Cannabismuseum Amsterdam.

Bike Tour of Dutch Museums and Other Attractions

Dutch ARTIS Museum

The Allard Pierson Museum

The Hermitage Amsterdam

Amsterdam Pipe Museum

Anne Frank House

The Czar Peter House's

Contemporary Art Center

Dutchese Manege Living Horse Museum

Amsterdam's New Church

Amsterdam Dutch Diamond Museum

Amsterdam's Embassy of the Free Mind

Dutch Eye Film Museum

Amsterdam's Fashion for Good Museum

Amsterdam's Foam Photography Museum

Fort Island Pampus Muiden kids' proof

The Grachtenhuis Canal Museum in Amsterdam

Haarlemmermeermuseum Cruquius

Amsterdam's Hermitage, The Hermitage in Amsterdam

The VOC ship is visible in front of the Maritime Museum's exterior, kids' proof, Maritime Museum

Iconic Places - Bike Tour

Bike Tour of Iconic Locations Your Iconic Places Sightseeing Tour begins at Amstedam Central and proceeds to the Royal Palace Amsterdam, where you can step off and take photos of the Royal Dutch Palace on the Dam. We continue to the Nemo Science Museum and then to the Scheepvaarts Museum Amsterdam, Het Scheepvaart or in English The Amsterdam Maritime Museum, after which your driver will take you to "De Oude Kerk" or in English "The Old Church," which now serves as a Cultural Center in Amsterdam City's oldest building. Following a photo stop, we will go to the "Our Lord in the Attic Museum," a 17th-century mansion built by the VOC trading business, followed by the "Basiliek van de Heilige Nicolaas," or "Basilica of Saint Nicholas." Other iconic Amsterdam locations we will see on this sightseeing tour are the Batavia Building, the Weeping Tower, the Arm Bridge, the Sexmuseum Amsterdam, and the Cannabismuseum Amsterdam.

Museums in Amsterdam, Walking Tours, Sightseeing Tours Ticket Reservation and Purchase, Individuals and Groups

The history of Amsterdam has filled the city with fine arts, museums, shows, and culture, which can be seen in the many musea or art-galleries in Amsterdam city, discover the best and most amazing museums and art-galleries in Amsterdam city, reservation and bookings the cheapest tickets and tours online with Museums in Amsterdam, Walking Tours, Sightseeing Tours, Ticket Reservation & Booking, Single Person, Groups Rijks Museum Exclusive "The Dutch National Museum" - Walking Tours presents the Dutch National Museum Tour: "Rijk" means Empire in Dutch, Rijksmuseum means the museum of the Dutch Empire. In fact the Rijksmuseu Rijksmuseum is the largest museum in the Netherlands and lists one of the most grand and impressive collection of world-famous paintings by Dutch masters: Vincent Van Gogh, Johannes Vermeer, Frans Hals, and Rembrandt van Rijn. The national museum of the Netherlands also known as Rijksmuseum tells the story of 888 years of Dutch art and Dutch history.The Rijksmuseum's Art collection contains more than one million pieces and has about 8,000 objects including paintings, sculptures, and historical artifacts on display. Museum Exclusive Tour Our Museum Exclusive Tour will guide you and show the the master pieces of the world, including: Rembrandt’s (1642), Vermeer’s (1647), and one of Van Gogh’s untitled self-portraits (1887). How the Dutch National Museum Started On November 19, 1798, the Dutch (Holland) government decided to set up a National museum following the French example. A 'prestige project' to stimulate the love for the country but also to preserve important objects. On May 31, 1800, this National Art Gallery opened its doors for the first time in Huis Ten Bosch in The Hague. With over 200 paintings and historical objects, partly from the stadholder's collections and partly from (defunct) national institutions, such as the VOC. The first purchase, De Zwaan by Jan Asselijn, cost 100 guilders and is still one of the highlights of the Rijksmuseum.The Rijksmuseum started as The Dutch Royal MuseumIn 1808 Lodewijk Napoleon was at the helm of the Kingdom of Holland. He moved the collections to Amsterdam, the new capital. And not to just any building, but to the Paleis op de Dam, the former Amsterdam city hall. There they were brought together with the most important paintings of the city, including Rembrandt's Night Watch. In 1809 the Royal Museum opened on the top floor of the palace.The Dutch Crown and the National MuseumWith William I as the new king from 1813, the museum moved as 'Rijks Museum', together with the national print collection from The Hague, to ] Trippenhuis. To the director's dismay, all kinds of other collections were subsequently relocated. Objects from classical antiquity went to a new Museum of Antiquities in Leiden and objects and crafts were assigned to the Cabinet of Rarities, which had meanwhile been established in The Hague. In 1838 a separate museum for modern, 19th-century art was open in Haarlem. The Renovation: A New Building for the National Museum of NetherlandsBeautiful museums were built all over Europe. The Netherlands also deserved a truly national, proud museum building. Trippenhuis was not suitable, so something new could be built. The architect, Pierre Cuypers, had made a design for the Rijksmuseum in historical style, a mixture of Gothic and Renaissance and full of Dutch symbolism. After years of hassle - many thought it was too medieval, too Catholic and too little real Dutch - construction started in 1876. In 1885 it was officially opened. In addition to the existing collection, almost all of the older paintings of the City of Amsterdam were placed in the Rijksmuseum, such as Rembrandt's Jewish bride, which the banker A. van der Hoop had bequeathed to the city. Art also came from Haarlem, part of the Cabinet of Rarities was given a permanent place and the print room had its own space.Visit one of the best museums of AmsterdamThe Rijksmuseum takes you all the way from the Middle Ages to Mondrian. As well as featuring beautiful art work, some of the top attractions in the museum also include their collection of doll’s houses, model ships and armoury. And the Cuypers Library is the largest and oldest art historical library in the Netherlands. Visitors, students and art historians alike are welcome to use the library to delve deeper into the Rijksmuseum collection.The current building of the Rijksmuseum, designed by Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers, first opened its doors in 1885 and has been a national heritage site since 1970. The most recent renovation project has made sure the museum continues to function as a connection between the past and the present as it combines the old with the modern. The atrium features a high glass ceiling and spacious, contemporary architecture that blends uniquely with the traditional red-brick walls.Renovating the Rijksmuseum over the YearsOver the years, the Rijksmuseum building has undergone a lot of work. For example, between 1904 and 1916, halls were built on the south-west side, the current Philips Wing. In the 1950s and 1960s, the original two courtyards were built over to create more hall space. After 1945, Dutch History and Sculpture & Applied Arts were housed in separate parts of the building. Attempts to set up a separate museum for Dutch history and thus turn the Rijksmuseum into a real art museum failed. In the 1950s, an Asian Art department was created as a result of the housing of the collection of the Association of Friends of Asian Art.The Last Renovation of the Dutch National MuseumDuring the last renovation (2003-2013), the building regained Cuypers' original structure. The building has been modernized, but at the same time has become more like Cuypers' building on the inside, in all its grandeur. Painting, crafts and history can no longer be seen in separate parts of the building. All together form one chronological story: the story about Dutch art and history, from the Middle Ages to the 20th century. Immediately in 2013, the museum attracted a hitherto unprecedented number of visitors, more than two million, and that has remained so until the corona time, partly thanks to the many tourists. Because more than ever we strive to be the museum of and for everyone.

The Dutch National Museum (Rijksmuseum) Bookings and Ticket Reservation with

One of the Netherlands best attraction, ticket reservation and bookings in advantage. The Dutch National Museum (Rijksmuseum) Bookings and Ticket Reservation with AmsterdamTour.euGet your Rijksmuseum tickets online and make sure you don’t miss it on your visit to Amsterdam! A visit to the impressive Rijksmuseum is a golden memory: See and discover history’s most famous and influential masterpieces. If you wanted to you could spend all day and evening at the Rijksmuseum, so the best time to start your visit might be in the morning. The building is located in the South of the Center of Amsterdam City, at the famous square of Museums, in Dutch: Museumplein.The Square of Museums is the most famous museum square of the Netherlands, you will find: "Stedelijk Museum" and the "Van Gogh Museum", as well as the "Royal Dutch Concert Hall"
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